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How Much Do You Know About Relocation?

Exceptions, or expenses that were not originally intended, can impact your company’s annual relocation spend. What's the average amount spent on exceptions in a typical relocation program?

That’s right!Sorry, you’re incorrect! The average amount spent on exceptions is typically 12.5%.*

If your company is spending more than 5% of its total relocation spend on exceptions, it’s time to take a look at your program.

*Results based on a recent NuCompass study conducted to investigate the effect of exception spend on total program costs.

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It’s Peak Season for Relocation

Peak Season for relocation activity occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Each year, we prepare through capacity planning with our van line supplier partners for all core services. So, what do we expect for this summer? Both cost and activity are likely to rise.

Immigration Restrictions Update

As detailed in the excerpt below from ERC’s Government Affairs, there are ongoing developments that will potentially impact employee global mobility. On 1 June 2017, the US Department of Justice petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear arguments on the President’s executive order(s) to implement restrictions on immigration into the US and the subsequent blocking of the order by the lower courts.

Immigration News Update

Our partners at Fragomen provided the following update on global immigration news for the week of May 19-25, 2017:

In United States immigration news, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s injunction against the Trump Administration’s entry ban against nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

In Germany, the government has ratified the EU Intracompany Transferee Directive and the Directive on Students and Researchers. Laws implementing the directives will take effect on August 1.

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