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Change of Policy for Advance Parole Travel Documents

We have received an update from one of our immigration providers, Pearl Law Group, regarding a change in practices by USCIS. This change is in regards to denials of I-131 Advance Parole applications, when an applicant has traveled outside the US while the application is pending. There is not a published change in regulation or a new policy; it appears to be a change in enforcement by USCIS, which the USCIS holds is consistent with the existing policy.

Move Over Millennials - Gen Z is Here

With all the talk over Millennials, Generation Z is hardly getting noticed, but employers need to be prepared as this generation (born 1995-2012) is just beginning to enter the workforce – all 73 million of them! 

$200 Discount on HR Tech Registration

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Where are the Millennial Real Estate Agents?

One of the requirements for NuCompass Connect real estate agents is to have a minimum of three years of experience in tax-protected home sale transactions. This ensures our agents are experienced in relocation real estate transactions. As baby boomers begin to retire, though, there has been a decline in experienced real estate agents.

Government Affairs Community Update

The latest issue of the Worldwide ERC® (WERC) Government Affairs Community Update addresses several topics, with Tax Reform the leading discussion point. WERC advises that progress on tax reform has slowed while the Senate remains focused on health care. There are no drafts of legislative language that would indicate specifics of a new tax plan, and there are conflicting reports as to the expected timing for a unified plan to be available. Hearings are continuing in advance of the expected August recess.

Will the Partial Travel Ban Affect Employee Relocation?

The Supreme Court delivered a mixed ruling on Monday, June 26, 2017, that allows President Trump to implement the travel ban against six countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — but only for travelers with no "bona fide" relationship to the U.S. Those that have established ties will be allowed to continue entering the country, and the justices provided examples of who may enter the country, including when a U.S. business has given a job to a worker from one of the targeted countries. 

It’s Peak Season for Relocation

Peak Season for relocation activity occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Each year, we prepare through capacity planning with our van line supplier partners for all core services. So, what do we expect for this summer? Both cost and activity are likely to rise.

Immigration Restrictions Update

As detailed in the excerpt below from ERC’s Government Affairs, there are ongoing developments that will potentially impact employee global mobility. On 1 June 2017, the US Department of Justice petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear arguments on the President’s executive order(s) to implement restrictions on immigration into the US and the subsequent blocking of the order by the lower courts.

Immigration News Update

Our partners at Fragomen provided the following update on global immigration news for the week of May 19-25, 2017:

In United States immigration news, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s injunction against the Trump Administration’s entry ban against nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

In Germany, the government has ratified the EU Intracompany Transferee Directive and the Directive on Students and Researchers. Laws implementing the directives will take effect on August 1.

Industry Updates for The Americas

Worldwide ERC® recently provided the following industry updates for The Americas:

Government Affairs Community Update: Worldwide ERC's latest update includes a report on NAFTA and tax reform, along with mobility industry impact statements. Navigate to the most recent Government Affairs Community Update.